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Alibag is a coastal town and it is the headquarters of the Raigad district and is south of the city of Mumbai.

The following are the main tourist attractions in and around Alibag:
— Alibag beach: This is the main beach. A very flat stretch makes for a long walk. It is reasonably clean and has thin crowds during the week. The sand has a hard texture and is a shade of black. It is not easy to create sand castles. The tide rolls in from all sides: You may have to wade through water on the way back.
— Siddheshwar Mandir near Khandale: This is a famous Shiva temple near picturesque hills near village Khandale just 4 km from Alibag-Pen state highway. You can drive your vehicles near to hillocks and with small trek you can reach this beautiful temple. During Shrawan month, hundreds of people throng to worship here during Shrawani Somwars. If you travel further you can see the remains of ancient fort called ” Sagargad”.
— Alibag Fort: Alibag is the seat of District Administration of Raigad (formerly Kolaba) district since 1852. The name Kolaba is attributed to a sea fort built by Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the great in 1680 to fight the mighty naval prowess of the Siddis (Abyssenians) of Janjira and the British of Mumbai. Kolaba fort is famous for many battles, between Siddis and Kanhoji Angre, the British and the Portuguese. It is also famous for lord Ganesh temple and Dargha
— Khanderi and Underi Islands  : A few kilometers from the Kihim Beach one can visit Khanderi and Underi islands. They are heavily fortified and built by Shivaji as sea observation posts in 1660 CE to keep a check on the Siddis at Underi fort. Later on it lost its importance. Most of the fort is intact. The most prominent structure is a lighthouse built in 1837 which is still in service and used for sea navigation.
— Magen Avot Synagogue: There was once a large Jewish community in Alibag; most of them were oil pressers and sellers. Bet El Synagogue is the only one in Alibag. Viceroy Lord Curzon(1899-1905) visited this synagogue. This place had been place of worship for the Jewish community; it was where community centre, Konkan development programmes and village meetings were held. The synagogue is a heritage property with a unique style and is a well-known Indian Jewish and Konkan tourist point.
— Varsoli Beach: About a mile from the main beach, it is home to a large naval base. It is on the outskirts of Alibag. It is relatively less-visited site. It is a quiet beach with sparkling white sand and cleaner seawater. Varsoli is a small satellite village across Alibag, complete with thick vegetation of coconut and casuarina.
— Akshi Beach: 6 km from Alibag, the beach is a favourite spot for advertising, TV serial and film shoots. This beach is well-suited for children and waders as the sea is flat for a long distance. One can walk through to a considerable distance toward the sea.
— Nagaon Beach: This black-sand beach is about 10 km from Alibag and is famous for coconuts and betel nuts. One can walk on the beach from Nagaon beach to Akshi beach in ten minutes. It is more popular for its water sports and most of the tourists coming to Alibag stay near Nagaon beach. It is the cleanest beach among Varsoli beach and Kashid beach too. Below is the image of the Nagaon beach.
— Kihim-Navgaon Beach: Kihim is a secluded place at a distance of approximately 10 km from Alibag. The Kihim beach is famous for dense cover of coconut trees. Another occupation of their people is agriculture for woods that are home to rare butterflies, birds and flowers.
— Awas: It is situated about 16 km from Alibag.
— Saswane: It is about 18 km from Alibag.
— Rewas: It is about 25km from Alibag. From Rewas, there is a ferry boat service to Mumbai (bhaucha Dhakka) and to Uran (Karanja).
— Chaul Revdanda: It is situated about 17 km from Alibag. The long sea cost called “REVDANDA BEACH” is tourist attraction place. It is famous weekend tourist spot.
— Kanakeshwar Mandir: It is about 17 km from Alibag to Karlekhind – Chondi road, 13 km from Alibag to the northeast. This very famous Shiv temple on a 900 ft. high hill. It is a 5000-foot climb on well-paved stairs, which takes around one hour.

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