How much water i need to carry for a trek/hike ? | Trek Tips Tuesday

Water is essential for human survival. It is necessary for our optimal physical performance.
We all have come across this popular belief to have 8 glasses of water or 3-4 litres of water daily.
I am not here to discuss if this belief is right or wrong.
I am here to find answer to the first question that comes to mind when I plan for a trek. That is, how much water do I need to carry for this trek?
It depends on which season you are going for this trek.
Let me divide the seasons into months

1. Summer
March – June
– It’s hot.
– Sun shine is strong and almost all the water sources are depleted or the water that is available is not portable.

2. Monsoon
July – September
-It’s Pleasant
-Plenty of flowing water sources.

3.Post –Monsoon
October- November
– It’s cloudy but Humid.
– You will find lot of stagnant water source. Unless it is a rock cut water tank. I will not go for it.

December -February
Same as post monsoon but the water sources will be depleting fast.

This is how the weather will be around and availability of water on the trails.

To answer my initial question.

How much water do I need to carry for this trek?

I would advise for a day trek. (4-8 hrs trek)

In Summer
Carry minimum 4 ltrs of water

In Monsoon
Carry minimum 2 lts of water

Post –Monsoon
October- November
Carry minimum 3 ltrs of water

December -February
Carry minimum 3 ltrs of water

There are few ground rule you need to remember before every trek regardless to season.

1- Previous day before the trek, hydrate yourself – have lot of water. So that you don’t get any cramps during trek.

2- Always check the availability of water on trail with friends who have done this trek recently or with the villager at the base village of trek. The source of water on trails are out in nature, they can be affected by various element so check always before you assume.

3- Always carry electoral or ORS with you, in case of dehydration they are very helpful.

4- Don’t gulp water. Drink little, enough to wet your throat. But more often.

5- Water is very precious on the trail, don’t contaminate it with soap or anything else. They are life line of trekkers.

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