Lonavala Diaries – A Story About Life And Death || Marathi || Mountain Rescue Documentary

Meet the mountain warriors of Lonavala. They go where no one else may dare & they battle the harshest conditions, be it day or night. All so that they can save lives. They also see the worst of horrors, so that they can give a dignified end to those who could not be saved. No matter how battered or botched, they fetch their bodies with their bare hands, to pay their respects to the humans who once lived inside. Why do they do it? What do they encounter? Watch on to find out. Lonavala Diaries

Congratulations शिवदुर्ग मित्र, लोणावळा – Shivdurga Mitra , Lonavla we are proud of you Sunil Gaikwad and team

Shivdurg mitra lonavala rescue organisation story above

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