Tandulwadi Fort Trek – Winding river, shades of green | Trekking in Sahyadris | Part 41

Tandulwadi Fort (तांदुळवाडी किल्ला) is located near Saphale, 104 km north of Mumbai. Tandulwadi is not a fully built up fort, but a series of structures spread over the top of the mountain. The fort dates back 800 years and was primarily used as a watch tower over the surrounding plains. At a height of 1524 feet, it has views of the surrounding towns of Saphale, the Zanzorli lake, and the confluence of the Surya and Vaitarna rivers.

The fort is located near Lalthane village in Palghar district, about 104 km from Mumbai, 75 km from Thane and 7.5 km from Saphale Railway station. It is also reachable through the Mumbai – Ahmedabad Highway NH 8. Upon reaching Varai Phata you have to take a left turn after crossing the bridge over Vaitarna river. A few minutes drive on this road and one can see the Tandulwadi fort on the front hillocks. Tandulwadi village is 15 km from the Varai Phata. There are no hotels or restaurants in the village except a few grocery shops. Tandulwadi village is well connected by road. Tandulwadi village is a small Varli tribal village. Nowadays Forest Department is making steps to go to the fort from Pimplapada(Lalthane). Lalthane waterfall situated just under the fort and is a popular attraction during the rainy season.

Tandulwadi has a moderately difficult gradient and it takes about a half hours to reach the main plateau from Tandulwadi village which is situated at the base of the fort. To reach the highest point it takes another one hour. The height of the fort is about 1524 feet.
Upon reaching the main plateau, one can find several rock cut water cisterns. There are no bastions, walls or houses on the fort. There is no evidence of fortification except for a small stone wall on the southern side. A small water pond is situated in the center.
From the top of the fort are seen Kohoj fort, Takmak fort, Asheri fort, Mahalaxmi pinnacle and the Arabian sea.

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