How to choose a trekking group

These are just some of the recommendations that may need to ensure you successfully    
     complete your trip.
      Few Things you need to ask organizer & prepare yourself accordingly for 
      the same  if you are joining a professional / commercial or friends group. 
1)   Required Prior experience and Difficulty level of the trek.  
2)  Does the trek leader & coordinators are well known with the route & difficult locations of the same trek. ( Some ppl just book guide which is not a professional way of arranging trek ) 
3)  In case of rappelling or technical treks how many from the crew have prior technical experience ( only having BMC certificate is not a solution , a person needs to be have a certain experience to assist for technical activity ) ( this treks involves life risk ) 
4)  A person himself needs to chek reviews about trekking groups online or from past participants of the same. ( past participants already knows the groups strength & weakness )
5)  What all thing needs to carry, what is the schedule, trek Difficulty , need to inform in case of any disability, & other doubts need to be clear before 2-3 days of event. a small treks turns in hell if you don’t know what all needs to be carry and do’s and don’ts 
6)  What would be the group size for trek . ( Ideal group size is 20 – 30 ppl )  in case of 40-50 people organizer should keep 10:1 ratio for the coordinator  

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