गडाचे पाणी बहुत जतन करावे ... Maharashtra Desha E80

The water reserves on top of the hills, forts was a necessity in the historic era. The uniquely built ponds & puddles were utilised by the warriors residing on those monuments for indefinite periods. Shivaji Maharaj made it a stern point to prioritise the construction of these reserves so that water can be conserved for ages on end. One of the key elements of any top surface of the many forts are these ponds that add to it’s grandeur.

गडावरी उदक पाहून किल्ला बांधावा, पाणी नाही आणि स्थळ तर बांधणे आवश्यक – असे असल्यास खडक फोडून तळी-टाकी पर्जन्यकाळापर्यन्त संपूर्ण गडास पाणी पुरेल ऐसी मजबूत बांधावी – शिवरायांची नीति.

महाराष्ट्र देशा
महाराष्ट्राचे विविध पैलू उलगडत नेणारी शृंखला

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Maharashtra Desha
Concept and camera: Swapnil Pawar
Script: Pranav Mahajan
English Script: Meenal Phatak
Music: Mandar Patil
Production House: Raanvata Motion Pictures

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