Gauri Shankar Temple Naggar Himachal Pradesh

The temple of Gauri Shankar is situated immediately below the Naggar Castle in Naggar. Dating back to 12th century AD, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is believed to be the last monument of the Gurjara-Pratihara traditions. This Shiva temple is a protected monument.
The temple is famous for its splendid Shikhara Style architecture. The temple features a dome shaped top while the base is present in square shape. It has simple Shikhara having nine storeys and decorated with ardharatna motifs and ornamentations.
Close to the main road before reaching Naggar Castle, one comes upon the Gauri Shankar Temple. The sight of finely carved stone shikharas of the Gauri Shankar Temple comes as a pleasant surprise. It is set in a paved courtyard below the castle and is among the oldest temples around. It is a Shiva temple and has a lingam installed inside. According to the locals, the temple was unearthed in an excavation. It is now maintained by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India).
The towering shikhara is a typical example of the temple architecture in north India; there is also a statue of Nandi (sacred bull) outside the temple. There is no roof on top of the temple and the various temple structures can be directly seen under the sky. The temple is made entirely out of stone and the smaller temples are dedicated to Narayana (an incarnation of Vishnu).
This temple is widely respected for its architecture and also for the local belief that visiting this temple fulfils one’s wishes. A signboard indicates that the temple is a protected monument under the ASI.

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