Mumbai Trekkers trekking guideline

Finally Monsoon is here !!
With the arrival of monsoons the trekking around Mumbai will be the most happening thing. With the encroachment of large number of Trekkers during monsoons, there is huge harm causing to the nature.

Let’s take an oath to be a responsible trekker from this year & preserve our nature & eco system.

1) Let us keep our trail clean by avoiding littering in jungle specially plastic/non-biodegradable waste. Avoid buying Use and throw Plastic Bottles, carry your own bottles and fill it up at Base Village, Railway Stations and From Natural or Man made water tanks on Forts. The waste created by Trekkers on mountains are not cleaned by anyone like the case of cities & this causes harm to the animals & insects living there. If possible try to clean the trail voluntarily not as a good deed towards mother nature but as your responsibility.

2) Let us avoid playing music in the jungle thereby not disturbing the animals residing in the jungle. No one will like such behaviour if someone enters your house & plays loud music & creates nuisance.

3) Avoid smoking & consumption of Alcohol during treks.

4) Let us not disturb the flora & fauna, no intimidating birds or animals. Since we do not know how to handle animals, we can end up harming them & it becomes difficult for them to survive later.

5) Let us not destroy/damage any historical monuments.

6) Let us not take a dip in the water tanks on the forts as these serves as a source of drinking water to many.

7) Let us not visit places which are banned during monsoons & let us not take risky pictures which encourages other amateur Trekkers just for that one crazy photograph.

Let’s spread the word & preserve our nature as it deserves to be. This is the need of the hour as the condition of the nature is detoriating day by day.

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