NABHI : Naneghat to Bhimashankar,
51.5 km Mountain Trail Run in ONE Day,
Organised by : ISOLATION ZONE

Leader : Arun Sawant
Deputy Leaders : Suraj Malusare, Sanjay Shelke, Sagar Amrale, Rohan Malusare

A unique Mountain trail run from Naneghat to Bhimashankar did with Isolation zone group on 15 Dec 2018. First ever organized event.

After successful completion of Lonavala to Bhimashankar trail run (popularly known as Lo-Bhi), Arun sir and his team was looking for another adventurous and challenging trail run.

After research and study they choose Naneghat to Bhimashankar trail route (popularly known as Na-Bhi). Initially they found very difficult to do this trail in one day, because of total distance and high elevation challenges.

They visited this route 4 time before went for final one day attempt and did all the study which includes Map reading, arrow marking, search of shortcut. Their perfect planning makes this trail run successful . Out of 26 participants 23 complete the run successfully .


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Ultra MountainTrail Run – ISOLATION ZONE Trekking Group

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