Extreme Rock Climbing Vanarlingi – Fort Jivdan to Dukes Nose – Lonavla.

Check the award-winning 8:58min film, “Climbathon” by Magic Pixels.

This Film is about the Partners in Climb ( Rohit Vartak Rohit Vartak. Climb&Slack  & Ganesh Geedh ) who decided to complete Maximum climb in 2 days and the journey started from Vanarlingi – Fort Jivdan and completed at Dukes Nose – Lonavla.So guys tie your seat belt your about to experience ultimate thrill of the Film Climbathon.

Music by
Radical Face – Welcome home, son.
The wild west -Epic instrumental music.

Sponsored by
Shivdurga Mitra, Lonavla
Mountain Sports Academy

Special Thanks to
Tody Mills


And the film is online..
the film is so amazing and so many people have worked so hard to make this.
Camera team- Mayuresh Mokal Niraj Patil Ajay Raut and my love Sayali Milind Maharao all these are the real heros behind this film.
Thanks to शिवदुर्ग मित्र, लोणावळा – Shivdurga Mitra , Lonavla team MSA Nandu Chavan Todi Mills for support.
This expedition was not possible without team work. Thanks to Sunil Gaikwad Samir Joshi Yogesh Umbre Anand Gawade Rajendra Kadu You made this possible.
Releasing this film today because its Ganesh Geedh birthday today.

Enjoy the Film


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