Help Adivasi students @ Kolumbai Ashram School of Nandani get blankets this winter

This dedicated school has the responsibility of teaching and housing 535 children coming from the poorest of the poor families of Wada Taluka.

you can call the headmaster of the school, a very committed man named Ramesh. His cell phone is 9421571792. or 9272264683. One of his teachers is Rajesh, 9226320694. They are having a special donor event on this Sunday at which I was hoping that they could receive blankets.

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via Jeanette Haley

Jeanette Monosoff Haley MN: SNET is so excited to receive the help of four donors who are providing 375 blankets. We just were at the school today for an awards reception and heard first hand from the children that it is hard to sleep through the night when it is so cold. We still need 160 more blankets donated. please help Shree Nityananda Education Trust fufill this vision of providing warmth to these children and write for more info.