Arpana Trust

Arpana Trust is a registered spiritual cum charitable organisation dedicated to the service of Society.

Arpana’s innovative experiment, built around the dynamic personality of Param Pujya Ma, proves that ordinary people from different walks of life, faiths, professions and backgrounds can live together in harmony and peace, contributing to the well-being of society through selfless service, as they imbibe and practice the eternal values contained in the Scriptures of all religions.

Since 1962, people from different lands, faiths and professions were drawn to the magnetic personality of Param Pujya Ma and have experience the fragrance of this divine home…

Meaning of ‘Arpana’
‘Towards Vedant’
Divine Home
Unique experiment
The Arpana Family

At Arpana, service constitutes the practical implementation of the injunctions of the Scriptures.

Addresses of Arpana Centres:
Arpana Ashram
Arpana Ashram – Head Office
Delhi Office
Medical & Community Centres
Arpana Hospital, Madhuban
Community Health Care Centre, Dalhousie
Socio-economic & Medical Centre, Gajnoi
Community Welfare Centre, New Delhi
‘Devotion’, New Delhi
Arpana Shop, Madhuban
‘My Shop’, Karnal
Arpana Abroad
Arpana Charitable Trust, UK
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Arpana Ashram (Head Office)
Madhuban, Karnal, 132 037
Haryana, India

Tel: + 91 (0)184 2380 801
Fax: + 91 (0)184 2380 810

Dr J.K. Mehta, Chairman Emeritus

Delhi Office
E-22, Defence Colony
New Delhi 110 024

Tel: + 91 (0)11 2433 6008
+ 91 (0)11 4155 0612
Fax: + 91 (0)11 4155 3073

Mr H. Dayal, Executive Director