asawa Fort information

आसावा (Asawa) किल्ल्याची ऊंची : 2400
किल्ल्याचा प्रकार : गिरीदुर्ग डोंगररांग: पालघर
जिल्हा : पालघर श्रेणी : मध्यम

Nearby cities: Vasai-Virar (वसई-विरार), Virar, Virar
Coordinates: 19°46’3″N 72°49’22″E

about Aasawa fort
aasawa fort lies between palghar fort in the south & Aasawa in the north. The fort Remnants of structures & 3 water Tanks which are still in good condition.there are 2 caves on route one is small and another is huge one Known as Ganesh gufa. from where we can enjoy a scenic view of base village & a lake below down there .As history point of view there are no records but this might be like a watch tower to guard surroundings.
Type:- Hill
Hight :-Appx 1587 ft
Grade :- medium
base village :-Varangade

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