Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa -Breakfast With Butterflies – Season 2 – December 12 , 2010

We would be having our season 2 edition of “Breakfast with Butterflies ” at the Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa , supported by Department Of Science , Technology and Environment. This time it would be a series of 25 events spread over December and January . Whereas the weekdays are scheduled for school students , we would open the event for all enthusiasts on Sundays starting December 12 , 2010.

Since we are restricting the group size to 20 per event , prior registration is required ( via email or phone ).

The Sunday event will begin at 8:30 at the conservatory . The participants will be shown the life cycle of butterflies and its journey from egg to the butterfly ( with some luck we may have the chance to see one emerge from Chrysalis ). We would be then trekking up across a small trail upto the Bhutkhamb Plateau to spot more butterflies . The programme would end at 12:00 noon . However the guests are welcome to stay back and try and spot more butterflies at the conservatory.

For people who haven’t been to the conservatory before , you would be able to find a google map on our website ( www.bcogoa.org )

The programme is FREE.

Please pass on this message to others who may be interested, especially schools.

Please contact us for more details.

Yashodan Heblekar
Mobile : 9975592347
Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa


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