Wrap a difference on Christmas for homeless old folk, women and children on the streets of Mumbai

Wouldn’t it be great if, for a change, you could be the reason for someone’s smile? What if you could be someone’s Santa this Christmas?

Turns out it’s not so difficult.

Come be part of a community that cares and shares a compassion for the homeless folks in our city. At Avatar, it’s people like you and us who care but just needed an opportunity to show it.

– What’s happening?
This Christmas, just look into your closet and pick out stuff you haven’t used in a while – we’re talking about bed linens, blankets and clothes – all in great condition. Believe us, someone will find a better use of it.

– Who are we talking about?
The homeless old folk, women and children on the streets of Mumbai.

– Here’s how it works
We will collect your stuff on Wed.15th December at various drop off points across the city, come by anywhere between 12.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Will update you about the drop off points (check this space)
We make stacks of all the clothes and linen
We have them gift wrapped and ready for distribution
We will be wrapping the gifts from 17th thru 19th Dec. (Friday thru Sunday) with you! (Will update you on the time and venue for this)
Distribution of the gifts on 20th thru 23rd Dec.
Updates on time and place of distribution soon

– Your role!
Keep us updated on how many clothes and linen you’ve collected so we can plan how many gifts we will give away.
Volunteer to help separate the clothes, make stacks and wrap them into gifts. That’s the best part!
Contribute cash to cover for expenses like ribbons, brown paper, transport etc.
Last but most important of all, come distribute the gifts with us!

– Why do we do what we do?
Simply because Christmas represents the time God gave us His only Son Jesus Christ. And that’s why we give gifts on Christmas! 🙂

**This is an active wall post, watch out for updates and keep us updated
on your participation.

***For more info on venues, drop offs and materials
CONTACT: Simran – 9619516991

***For more info on this event, benefactors and distribution
CONTACT: Dennis – 9890416085