Dhak Bahiri Information

Dhak-Bahiri FortHeight : 2700 ft
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Karjat
District : Raigad Grade : Hard


ढाकचा बहिरी (Dhak-Bahiri) किल्ल्याची ऊंची : 2700
किल्ल्याचा प्रकार : गिरीदुर्ग डोंगररांग: कर्जत
जिल्हा : रायगड श्रेणी : कठीण


Dhak Bahiri is a cave and fort situated near the village of Malavali in Pune district.

Nearby cities: Khopoli, Neral, Talegaon Dabhade
Coordinates: 18°52’51″N 73°25’29″E

Trek DhakBahiri
Type Hill Cave
District Raigad
Height above mean sea level 2300 feet
Base Village Sandshi
Minimum Duration 1 Day
Region Karjat
Transport Kalyan to Karjat by road/rail, Karjat to Sandshi by bus.
Time to reach the top About 3 hrs from the base
Water Availability Water cistern are available at the top
Best season to visit October to April
Sights to visit Cave
Difficulty Rating Tough
Shelter Caves at the top

To the east of Karjat and in the juxtapose to the Rajmachi lies this trek with thrilling rock patch. Get down at Karjat and then catch a bus for base village Sandshi (~ 20 km, 1st bus at around 4.30 am). A simple climb of about 2 1/2 hours will take you to a great col. Getting down of col and turning right will offer you a final rock patch. Half an hour rock patch will take you directly into the caves and Bhairoba temple

Rock patch More than anything else, the utmost precaution needed is while negotiating the rock patch. A bit of here and there, and you could be down in the valley. However, you take enough care and you will enjoy this thrill……cent percent!

Sight Seeing
Rock patch Nothing really special here to see. However a spacious cave with ample water is really a surprise. One can combine a nearby trek to Dhak fort along with this. http://deepabhi.tripod.com/dhakbahiri.html

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