Lha Charitable Trust Dharamsala

Lha offers different volunteer options, we welcome drop-in volunteers with no previous communication or planning and other options for those wanting to plan ahead and receive supported services before arrival in India, upon arrival and during their stay in Dharamsala. A wide array of meaningful volunteer opportunities is available for both skilled and unskilled individuals. Most volunteers work directly with Lha, while others are placed throughout the community. Some of the areas of ongoing need are the following:

Teachers for English, Chinese, and French


Office Assistant

Class Administrator

Fundraising professional

Project professional

Computer professional

Web designer

Graphic designer


Medical professional

Massage therapy instructor

Yoga instructor

Creative writers & journalists
Human rights and legal professionals
If you want to volunteer we can most often fit your skills to a need. Thanks for your interest and your time. If you are trained with other specific skills we will try to provide avenues to use your expertise to benefit others
If you are planning to just drop in then our office is located on Temple Road in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala. (Just across from State bank of India). Our volunteer reception is open from 9-5 Monday – Friday
For those of you that would like to do some preliminary planning, here are a few options offered by Lha and the costs of those services. * note – all profits received for services go directly into the social service programs supported by Lha.
1) Orientation Only – This option is for those of you making your way to Dharamsala on your own. The fee is $110.US and includes, upon arrival, a tour of the town ( accommodation options, safe restaurants, laundry service, temples and other sites of interest…) cultural awareness preparedness and volunteer placement services . Our volunteer coordinator will meet you upon arrival help you find accommodation then accompany you to the Lha volunteer coordination office.

2) Reception and Orientation – This option is for those of you that would like to have your travel taken care of once you arrive in Delhi. The fee is $220. This will include airport pick up and escort service to an air-conditioned hotel, one night hotel stay and bus transport to Dharamsala. Our volunteer coordinator will be on-call for your questions while in Delhi and will be waiting to greet you for orientation once you arrive in Dharamsala.

3) Cultural Immersion – This is for those of you that want to get the very most out of your experience! This fee is $345. The same Orientation and Reception applies with these added opportunities. For your first week in Dharamsala you will be paired with a Mutual Learning Partner. This partner will be one of the young adult Tibetan Refugees that is an English language student in Lha’s language school. Each morning your Tibetan partner will meet you from 9AM to Noon. During this time together you will learn about the community, about the life of a young Tibetan Refugee and create a friendship that will last throughout your time in Dharamsala and hopefully long afterward. During this time with your partner we would hope that you would assist them with their current English lessons and Basic English conversation skills. Also included in this option is a Tibetan Massage, a Tibetan Cooking Class and 5 individual lessons in basic Tibetan Language. If you are interested in volunteering, you must fill out a volunteer application at volunteer.application@lhasocialwork.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Feel free to contact us for more information about volunteer opportunities and services at volunteercoordinator@lhasocialwork.org

If you have any enquires, or would simply like to know more about Lha , then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff. We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to saturday. If you are already in McLeod Ganj, or you are planning to visit at any time, then please feel free to drop in and see us.
Lha office
Temple Road, McLeod Ganj
Distt. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Office Phone: 0091-1892-220992

Email: office@lhasocialwork.org

For volunteer opportunities, please contact us on this email:


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