Goan Shutterbugs Siolim SAN JOAO Boat Festival , 24th June

Lets go click… click…. click…. with our cameras and our copels, 24th June at the Siolim SAN JOAO Boat Festival.
Siolim SAN JOAO Festival

“San Joao”, an annual rain festival or the Feast of John the Baptist, is celebrated with great fanfare every year on 24th June.

The Feast of St John the Bapist has an interesting legend associated with it. According to story inscribed in the Holy Bible, the feast saw its origin when Mother Mary (bearing Jesus) visited Elizabeth (the mother of St John the Baptist) whilst he was in the womb of his mother. This occasion let him bounded with joy. St John the Baptist later christened Jesus Christ in the River Jordan.

This event is celebrated with great fanfare and fervour in the picturesque village of Siolim. It is believed that San Joao revellers from several villages first converged in front of St. Anthony’s Church in Siolim over 150 years ago. Siolim Church sees the grand traditional boat parade were nearby villagers row up the Chapora River with their beautifully decorated boats along with their headgears and beautiful costumes.

Meeting point: in front of St. Anthony’s Church in Siolim at 3.00pm, 24th June 2011.

There’s a cool prize to be won for the shutterbug with the most colourful copel.

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