Volunteer with Hamara Footpath

Would you like to volunteer with us for 1 hour, at our evening classes? You can pick, either Mon, Wed or Fri evening, 7.30-8.30 pm.
Hamara Footpath
A community effort towards helping the street kids of Churchgate, Bombay.

Education, Medical Aid and Vocational Training are our key activities.

“Primary education should be about character building, and not the knowledge of ABC” says Mahatama Gandhi. We strongly agree with that. These children belong to families that have lived on the streets for 3 generations. Partly due to lack of opportunities to move on, but more due to lack of will and lack of the ability to see a better future for themselves and their children. This is the key change we would like see in the children we work with.

We hope that one day, the children are able to make the right choices for themselves, and are able to live a healthy, happy life.

At our evening classes, we spend time with the children, on the footpath itself, engaging with them through fun and participatory methods such as story telling, art and craft activities and games. Our functional literacy curriculum includes sessions on learning English, Math and developing Life-Skills. We constantly make an effort to expose our kids to as much as possible, by taking them for outdoor excursions to the zoo, circus, nature parks etc., to help them connect what they see in books to the world around them.

Engaging with them through events and workshops has been a whole lot of fun for the kids and us. Vocational skill development workshops, such as craft, dance and sports related workshops help them realize their potential, and gives them the push they need to follow their dreams.

We have 2 medical camps in a year. We now have individual case studies of each of our children and their family members. We partner with other medical and health care organizations for the same.

Our volunteers include people from all walks of life. We strongly believe in community effort, and through individual action, we aim to make the la