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Harishchandragad Fort Trek | Bhatkanti Sahyadrit (Updated video )

Every trekker who loves trekking..aims for this trek..!
Harishchandragad -famous for the loved nature by every trekker who visits here and wish to come everytime..!!

Fascinating Spots
1 Saptatirtha Pushkarni
2 Kedareshwar Cave
3 Konkan Kada (Konkan cliff)
4 Taramati peak
5 Caves on Harishchandragad
6 Nageshwar temple near Khireshwar
7 Temple of Harishchandreshwar

How to reach

Harishchandragad lies where the boundaries of Thane, Pune and Ahmednagar districts converge.

1) From Thane District: One has to board the bus for Nagar from Kalyan & alight at ‘Khubi Phata’. From there we reach the village of Khireshwar by bus or private vehicle. This village is 7 km from the foothills of the fort.

2) From Pune District: There is a daily bus from Shivajinagar ST stand (Pune) to Khireswar village.

3) From Ahmednagar District: One has to board the bus for Nasik or Mumbai & alight at Ghoti village. From Ghoti, we have to board another bus to Sangamner via Malegaon & alight at Rajur village. From here, 2 ways diverge to the fort. 1) From Rajur, one has to board the bus or a private vehicle to the village of Pachanai. From here, the way is straight to the topmost point. 2) Recently, the way from Rajur to kothale (Tolar Khind) has been made available. From Tolar Khind (Tolar valley), the temple is about 2–3 hours by walking. 3) from kotul to kothale bus facilities available way to tolar khind every hour bus going towards kothale, private vehicles also available on this route.

Food facility

In summer and winter, arrangement for food cooked by the villagers is available near the caves. However, in monsoon, due to adverse weather conditions villagers do not prefer cooking and serving near the caves. One should make the arrangement himself.

Drinking water facility

The water tanks near the caves provide water all round the year for basic needs. The perennial stream running near the caves is the major source for drinking water. It is advisable to refrain from drinking water at the tank near to caves. While in monsoon, there are a number of waterfalls around the caves which provide potable water. Potable water is available from the tanks which are present in the temple compound.

On weekends during Summer and Winter, the villagers sell lemon water and buttermilk at 2–3 points between Tolar Khind and Harishchandreshwar. Basic meals are available at 3–4 temporary shacks over the weekend.

In monsoon, proper care should be taken while trekking in the rockface after Tolar khind. It is advisable not to walk on the rock face in monsoon particularly during night where one can experience heavy rainfall with thunder strikes.

ST bus timings from Pune for trekkers

Take a 4:30 am ST bus from Shivajinagar to Kalwan via Nasik
Get down at Ale-Phata around 6:30 am
Take another bus going to Kalyan from Ale-Phata. You will have 2 to 3 buses around 7:00 am
Reach Khubi-Phata village around 7:45 am and start walking towards Khireshwar along Pimpalgaon Joge dam. You will reach Khireshwar, the base village in 1 hour
While coming to Pune, around evening, there are many buses available around 5:30 pm from the Khubi Phata village on Malshej road.

A trek to Harishchandragad in Maharashtra will surely make you fall in love with trekking.

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