Hidden trekkers

a) Your group name :- Hidden Trekkers
b) Your group Facebook page :- https://www.facebook.com/hiddentrekkers/
c) Link to Facebook event which has full details :- https://www.facebook.com/hiddentrekkers/events
d) Your group website(optional) :- www.hiddentrekkers.com
e) You need to send you details of your groups :- N/A
f) Date group started (optional) :- 15th Feb 2008
g) Number of treks done till now :- More than 100 approx.
h) Name of trek leaders :- Vaibhav Gurav, Tushar Phope & Jesal Shah.
i) Qualifications of trek leaders :- All the 3 leaders have completed their BMC from JIM & WS (Pahalgam). Vaibhav Gurav has completed First Aid certification from St. John Ambulance Association, Maharashtra State Centre.
No. of treks done:-Vaibhav Gurav – 40, Tushar Phope – 45, Jesal Shah – 30
(number of treks done till now,any trekking qualification NIM,HMI etc)
j)Names of founders (if different from trek leaders) :- Tushar Phope, Chaitanya Paradkar & Vaibhav Sandu
k)Address of main group office (optional for very small groups) : 1/5 Vijay Apts NX, 16, M.L.Dahanukar Marg, Behind Jaslok Hospital, Grant Road (W), Mumbai-400026
Keep Smiling..Keep Climbing..