Hope Disability Centre, Srinagar, Kashmir

Hope Disability Centre, Srinagar, Kashmir, India Email: samiwani12@yahoo.com Office phone: +91 (0)194 241-9536 Mobile: +91 (0)941 9901605

How You Can Help – Volunteer

We welcome all volunteers at Hope Disability Centre. Whether you are interested in working with mentally disabled children, wish to teach English, or work on this website or write a newsletter, or even paint and help in the kitchen, we would love to have you visit us. You will see what life is Kashmir is like, and experience the village hospitality that Kashmiris are famous for. We have a document which tells pretty much everything you would need to know if you are interested in volunteering at Hope Disability Centre. If you are not able to download it from the website, please e-mail us to get a copy. We have limited space for volunteers to come and stay and help. Currently we have Diane Emerson volunteering with us. Her blog tells what it is like for a first time visitor to Kashmir, and what it is like volunteering for Hope Disability Centre. You can read it by clicking here, or going to http://www.diane-emerson.blogspot.com/

We have created a couple of documents for you to review if you would like to volunteer with us. One is information for visitors and volunteers, Hope Centre Visitor and volunteer info.pdf. You can download it by clicking here. The other is Hope Centre VolunteerApplicationForm.pdf. Please contact us if you have trouble viewing either of these documents..

How You Can Help – Our Wish List

If you are outside India, used hearing aids and batteries are always welcome. They are small, relatively inexpensive to ship, and are very much needed in Kashmir.

If you are in India, we would love to receive

  • used or new wheelchairs
  • walkers
  • crutches
  • any type of mobility aid, prosthetic and orthotic equipment

Furnishings for the Kupwara Centre

Now that A Leg To Stand On has kindly funded the building of a new rehabilitation centre on the Pakistani border, we need to furnish it. We will need all types of equipment for rehabilitation, as well as carpets, chairs, office furniture and supplies, a laptop computer, curtains, kitchen equipment and supplies, etc.