Orphan Teaches Poor – being the change she wants to see in the world

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A heartwarming story to tell you. A young Indian orphan is helping underprivileged kids in Amritsar, India get a good education. Here’s a look at the life of Pearl Jasra.

Many of these kids are orphans or come from poor families living in the slums. But they are able to attend a class thanks to the efforts of 22-year-old Pearl Jasra. Pearl lost her parents just before she reached her teenage years. She founded this non-profit voluntary forum named “Initiative for Viable Education.” Now with her meager resources she runs four batches of classes in a day. [Pearl Jasra, Teacher]: “Their parents are poor and can’t afford the cost of education. Even though the parents want to educate their children, it is a financial burden. So I am in touch with prominent people of our area and they also know about my work, so along with them they get these children enrolled in nearby schools. I try my best to help these children get a mainstream education.” Apart from teaching children reading, writing and arithmetic, she acts as a mentor and counselor. [Tarachand, Punjab Resident]: “She is doing good work by helping poor people and there are some orphans, too. There is nobody to teach them so she is doing this humanitarian work, and this is the way it should be done everything should be shared with each other.” Despite all the odds, Pearl says she’s determined to carry on her charitable work getting inspiration from the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Amritsar’s Pearl Joycee Jasra
Working for Google’s Pratham
she also runs an NGO, Initiative for Viable Education

Girl who took Initiative for Viable Education
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Amritsar girl transforming lives of neglected children

Pearl Jasra: A Pearl That Shines For Children Out Of Their Shells!