People’s Biodiversity Register

People’s Biodiversity Register
– Initiation Session –
– Day I –
1) Introduction:
Each Individual introduces himself/herself based on six parameters:
– Name
– Village (Hometown)
– Experience (Work +Education)
– Local village/town: Current scenario
– Local village/town: Five years down
– Which activity would lead to the vision being realized?
2) Movie Screening: Home
(2009 Documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand)
3) Listing and organising entities and themes:
– Participants list noteworthy elements, patterns, ideas and themes as perceived through
keywords. These are randomly listed on a blackboard.
– Can we see patterns in the keywords? How can they be segregated or grouped?
Participants propose and discuss various ‘heads’ which could contain and organize the
keywords for further digestion.
4) Landscape – Lifescape – Peoplescape:
– Two basic categories: ‘Living’ and ‘Non- living’ seem to incorporate various strains of
– The ‘Non-living’ can be absorbed into ‘Landscape’.
– The ‘Living’ can further be divided into ‘Lifescape’ and ‘Peoplescape’.
– Is man a part of Biodiversity?
– Gap filling: are there any elements ignored by these categories?
5) Host Village: Landscape – Lifescape – Peoplescape
Groups are given a ‘scape’ to explore. An attempt at deconstructing the host village.
6) Group Presentations: ‘Scapes’
Any media
7) Circle Time
-Learnings and Questions
– Day II –
1) Recap: Day I
2) Mapping:
– What is a map?
– Mapping an object
– Experiential measures
– Representing
– Elements of a map
– Multi-sensual maps
– Maps as a communication of an experience
3) Why conserve Biodiversity?
– Discussion based on various paradigms on conservation
– Can biodiversity help adapt to climate change? How?
– Anthropocentrism vs. Inherent value
4) People’s Biodiversity Registers:
– Intent
– History
– Spirit
– Extents
5) Micro PBR’s:
– Goat
– Medicinal Practices
– Wheat
Deconstructing an element to map the same within the context of the host village.
6) Group Presentations: Micro PBR’s
Any media.
7) Circle Time
-Learnings and Questions