Lingana or the Ling-shaped fort, (T. Mahad) fourteen miles north-east of Mahad, abuts on the main line of the Sahyadris half way between Rayagad and Torna. The fortified rock is about 2,969 feet high with an ascent of four miles, the first half easy, the second, steep and difficult. Its rock-cut steps have been completely destroyed, and the fort is almost inaccessible. The top of the fortified rock is nearly 2,500 square feet. No fortifications or buildings remain except some ruins of a grain store and some cisterns. Under the Marathas Lingana was used as a penal settlement in which prisoners were confined in rock dungeons, one dungeon being able to hold fifty prisoners [Mr. T. S. Hamilton, C. S., and Mr. H. Kennedy. Bombay Miscellany, I, II.].

Khachimet or Biravadi fort in Roha was built by Sivaji in 1648, to secure the central Korikan against the attacks of the Sidi [Grant Duff, Vol. I, 112.]. It was taken by Colonel Prother in 1818 [ Bombay Courier, 6th June 1881.].