Lohagad information

Trek Lohgad
Type Hill Fort
District Pune
Height above mean sea level 3420 feet
Base Village Malawali
Minimum Duration 2 Days
Region Lonavala
Transport Reach Lonawala by train/vehicle and then Malawali (the next station towards Pune). From Malawali, 2-3 km walk will take you to the base of the fort.
Time to reach the top About 3 hours from the base
Water Availability Potable water isn’t available at the top, so take water from Lohgadwadi (a village just before the top of Lohgad)
Best season to visit Any Time
Sights to visit Many Darwajas (gates), cave, Vinchu kata , old masjid, Bhaje caves.
Difficulty Rating Simple
Shelter Cave on the top or in village Lohgadwadi

Lohgad is one of the two forts guarding the trade route between Kalyan and Nalasopara harbors & markets of Deccan plateau (other fort being Rajmachi).

Today, most of the forts are in dilapidated states, however Lohgad is still in much better condition. For trekker’s Lohgad should be a real treat to visit giving a wonderful panoramic view from its top.

Lohgad is situated about 5 Km. from Malavali station. First one should reach Lonavala by any Central-Southern mail/express, catch a local train from Lonavala to Malavali. From Malavali one can catch a rickshaw to Bhaje village. 1½ hours walk from Bhaje will lead to Lohgadwadi.15 min walk from Lohgadwadi will take you to the top
Sight Seeing
Lohgad’s fortification Being a well preserved fort the entrance to the fort is in good condition. The fortification are also quiet good. There are some stone-scripts(Shilalekh) in the den, the only place where night stay can be made on Lohgad. There is a mosque atop Lohgad. From Lohgad, Tung and Tikona hills are seen to the south, Dukes nose at west, Pavana dam offers a wonderful view in the south direction. Lohgad trek could be supplemented by Visapur trek, Bhaje caves & Karla caves in two days programme. The schedule for completing this trek is as follows :
Reach Lonavala by Indrayani or Deccan Express in the morning.
Come to Malavali by local train. Catch a rickshaw for Bhaje village. Reach Bhaje caves within 15 minutes. Have a lunch there and leave for Lohgad.
Reach atop Lohgad by 4:00-4:30 p.m. Have a look around the fort, stay in the den(on the right side(valley side) just after Ganesh Darwaja.)
Leave Lohgad early in the morning (at about 7:00 a.m.) come down and go to Visapur. Reach Visapur by 10:00-10:30a.m. Take a look around and have your lunch at Visapur.
Leave Visapur and come to Bhaje by 1:00-1:30 p.m. catch a rickshaw and go to Karla caves (opposite of of railway station). Have a look around the caves for an hour.
Come down and catch a bus or six seater to Lonavala. Get into Deccan Express (4:25 p.m.) , Udyan Express (5:10p.m.) or Koyna Express (5:20 p.m.) and reach Mumbai.