Lohagad Bhaje Lohagadwadi food stay guide

Food Yogesh Padmule 9765918980

Food / Guide Vishwanath Gade 9823587243

Lohagadwadi Food Ashok Thule (Lohagad Village) 9822601986
Lohagadwadi Food Balu Dhakol (Hotel Sai) 9860213155 / 9637161534 / 9923195938
Lohagadwadi Food Mohan Vikhare 8007783706
Lohagadwadi Food Shankar Vikhaar (Hotel Lohagad) 9029666661 / 8007783706 / 9767444074
Lohagadwadi Food Shankar Vikhare 7798239146
Lohagadwadi Food / Stay Akshay (Hotel Shivkrupa) 8390739304 / 7066864797
Lohagadwadi Food / Stay Shatrughna Baikar (Hotel Shivkrupa) 9145277790 / 9145277791
Lohagadwadi Food / Guide Omkar / Mayur 7769089493 / 8796967112

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Salil Bhau Mahadik

(i) I will be updating this directory as and when I get new trek contacts. If you want to help add any trek contact to this directory, please email me at:

(ii) I have created this directory for the benefit of all trekkers by collecting all trek contacts posted by some good Samaritans on the Internet  and adding trek contacts that I have found and/or used (having organised treks to 50+ destinations for my group named Weekend Trekkers)