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list as of 26.10.2015 Aasamant 05.10.2016 Aberrant Wanderers 12.10.2016 Add-Venture India 12.10.2016 Aquaris Peak Adventure 06.10.2016 Bhramanti365 06.10.2016 Dark Green Adventures 07.10.2016 Eighty Degrees 30.09.2016 Getout Outdoors 15.10.2016 Keen ventures 15.10.2016 Krishna River Camping 05.10.2016 Mapping Journeys 06.10.2016 Mumbai Green Chapter 05.10.2016 Mumbai Rangers 12.10.2016 Mumbai Travellers 16.10.2016 My Mera India 12.10.2016 Raigad Adventure club 04.10.2016 Sahyadriking Trekkers 06.10.2016 Small Steps trekking group 30.09.2016 SPR Giriratna hikers 02.10.2016 Sumeru trekkers 29.09.2016 Trekkers Journey 09.10.2016 Treks and trails 22.10.2015 Wandering Soul Riders 05.10.2016 Wild trek adventure 12.10.2016

Treks leaders who want to post their events on

1)Process send an email to ,Subject paid access details

2)Reply to the email containing terms and conditions, agreeing to the terms and conditions

3)Make payment into the bank details sent to you .

4) Register on

Your groups gets single users event posting access for one year from the time of payment 1000 Rupees per year 1000 Rupees per year + 1500 rupees per year.

For New groups (not already known or listed on mumbaihikers)
you need to email us
Your Group must be a Mumbai based group or have a Mumbai branch and Mumbai coordinator ,
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b) Your group must have a Facebook page
c) Your group must have a site(optional)
d) You need to send you details of your groups
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Number of treks done till now.
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