Manzil Welfare Society ,Khan Market, New Delhi

We are a non-profit organization providing a community and resources for local youth from low-income backgrounds to learn, teach, be creative, and see the world in new ways. Located in Khan Market, we serve those living in the servant quarters and one-room tenements that cohabitate this affluent area of New Delhi.

In operation for over a decade, Manzil ( has touched the lives of over 4000 youth from local low-income backgrounds by engaging their critical thinking skills, broadening their educational exposure, and creating opportunities for the exploration of extracurricular and creative talents. Flexibility, a family atmosphere, and the internal encouragement of leadership development are all essential ingredients of the Manzil experience.

At Manzil, students are given the opportunity to learn but also to share. In its daily academic classes, the students themselves teach each other in basic subject areas such as math, spoken English, and basic computer skills, while also expanding to nurture non-academic talents in theatre, music, and the arts. Manzil strives to make learning more interesting, process-oriented, context-sensitive, and linked with experiential understanding. In addition to classes, Manzil also arranges learning trips to enable its students to interact with different communities in the city and throughout the country. The goal of Manzil’s programs is to provide a space where education goes beyond academic learning to include a child’s motivations, aspirations, dreams, unique talents, and qualities.

Manzil was started by Mrs. Indira Gulati, a mother of a child with special needs and a teacher of 30 years, and her son Ravi, an MBA from IIM-Ahmedebad. In 1996, Ravi was approached by Hemant, a neighborhood child asking for help with his math homework. Ravi witnessed how ill-equipped the government schools had prepared the boy for understanding, and he agreed to take on the task of tutoring him from the very basics. Soon Hemant’s friends began joining him, and it didn’t take long for the Gulati home to become a destination for the local ambitious and curious youth.

Manzil’s growth has been an organic process: Manzil retains a family atmosphere and maintains sensitivity to the needs and interests of its students. While the organization currently has approximately 150 students in its programs, many of its former students come back to learn more, and to volunteer with Manzil. Recently, it has acquired two apartments in neighboring Sujan Singh Park to be used as classrooms, and many classes have shifted or are in the process of shifting.

The volunteer will be expected to help inside and outside of the classroom, creating learning opportunities of all kinds and encouraging leadership-building.

If you would like to know more about Manzil or are interested in collaborating or volunteering, please feel free to contact us at:

Manzil Welfare Society
Flat No. 13,
Khan Market,
New Delhi – 110003.
Phone: (91) (11) 2461-8513, 3292-5597,
Mobile: 93122-10396