NGO Vijay Foundation Trust – Andhra Pradesh

Vijay Foundation Trust is an NGO based in the southern Andhra area of
Kadapa-Anantapur districts. We work primarily to better the cause of
the girl child.
Gender discrimination is very high in this arid and poverty-stricken
region leading to female foeticide and abandonment of girl children.
We take a four-pronged approach in an effort to address the issues
arising, as follows:
1. We shelter abandoned girl children in Aarti Home. More than 250
children have lived or are living here at present. They are given a
loving home and supported in all ways till they finish their education
and settle down in their careers. A couple of the girls are married
and have children too. Over the years we have also had around 800
children rescued from traffickers who have stayed for short durations
till they were rehabilitated.
2. We provide support for education through
• Aarti School for 250 underprivileged children in the area,
• supporting bright and needy students in the region – over the years
we have disbursed Rs.20,00,000 as scholarships to around 200 students.
Of this, Rs.10,00,000 has been funded personally by the President and
the members of the VFT Board.
3.  We run outreach programs in an effort to educate the community. We
have realized that the core problem is the rejection of the girl child
because of her gender and only by a change of these attitudes of the
society can the evil be eradicated.  Some examples of our work:
• We have run numerous camps in collaboration with the National
Commission of Women’s Rights in colleges and also villages and
interior areas – spreading awareness of legal rights of women. More
than 25,000 women in all have attended these camps and benefited from
them. The total number of villages impacted is more than 50.
• We run camps to provide information on medical and gynaecological issues.
• A very recent instance is the celebration of the National Girl Child
Day last month where we ran competitions like elocution and
essay-writing in 1500 schools in the region, covering roughly
15,00,000 school children – all revolving around the girl child, in an
effort to spread awareness.
4. We train destitute women and impart income-generating skills.
Around 5000 women are now financially independent thanks to our
tailoring, embroidery and beautician courses. We also support them by
marketing their products through corporate/personal orders and
exhibitions in various cities in India and abroad.
We also provide individual counselling to women.
We are registered under Societies Act 1961, have exemption under 80G
Income Act 1961 and also have a permanent FCRA Number that was granted
in 1992. We are funded mainly through the donations of friends and
relatives. Our income for the current financial year is around
Rs.39,00,000 while the costs are much more. The gap is made up in two
(i) personal donations – both cash and kind, by the President and
members of the VFT Board and (ii) substantial part of our work is done
by volunteers – all the Board members do a variety of roles pro bono,
and apart from this we host more than ten students/teachers from US
and UK universities every year.
Further information can be got on our website – We
have also featured in BBC’s film on the state of the girl child in
India titled India’s Missing Girls, it can be viewed here –

Our children are growing up and getting into undergraduate and
graduate programs, which cost considerably more than school fees. The
food inflation in the country is hitting us very hard too. We have, as
you can see, miles to go in our journey and we are sure we can do so
with the support of our well-wishers. We would be grateful if keep us
in your thoughts and spread the word – all help in all forms is
welcome, as I’d mentioned before our website provides details of the
options to donate.

Also, VFT is partnered with an organisation called Providing
Possibilities Foundation that shares its desire to feed, clothe and
shelter children in need. Providing Possibilities Foundation (PPF) is
a United States government recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.
100% of donations made to PPF for the purpose of supporting Aarti Home
are used to fulfill these needs. Please visit the donation page of