Watch a movie with kids of Oscar Foundation on Childrens Day 14th Nov 2010

On 14th Nov 2010 as our country will celebrate Children’s Day, Oscar foundation which has been working with children for developing their social & education life through sports for the past three years would like to treat its kids with a fun day.

As most of you know, Oscar works with kids aged between 7 to 19 years of age. Some of these kids have never gone outside let alone seen a movie in a cinema. With Rs 3 to Rs 5 the kids get as pocket money each day, which hardly suffices their food cost, they cannot afford to see a movie in cinema.
Oscar would like to treat the kids on this special day, by taking them for the movie Golmaal 3. I am sure, you would agree with me, when I say this movie is a laughing riot and the kids would love it.
We come here to ask for your help to help us gift a fun time to these kids. The cost for one kid to the cinema (with transport + samosa) is Rs 100. We would be very pleased; if you would come and join the Oscar kids for the movie and also help us support one (or more) kid’s entertainment. If any of you is interested to join us or also help contribute for one kid’s entertainment.
please RSVP to Ashok or Anil before Saturday evening 6.00pm (contact below). Also if you are interested to know more about Oscar’s program or its current progress, please write to us. 

Ashok Rathod: – 9967218287, 
Anil: – 9773787521
Organization for Social Change Awareness and Responsibility (OSCAR),