Plant and Animal Lovers Society (PALS)

Pals was founded in 1993. It is a Non-Government Organization. Is was started by concerned animal lovers with the guidance and expertise of Capt. H. M Desai and founder member Dr. Silloo Bhaghwagar.. The primary objective of PALS is to provide relief to injured and sick animals and injured birds through medical facilities and sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs and cats. Since stray dogs and cats are under constant threat of ill-treatment and in humane eradication by the municipality-the need of the hour is stray dog sterilization and rabies vaccination.

dedicated to the cause of stray dogs ,cats and injured birds in Mumbai since 1993.

PALS not only sterilizes and vaccinates stray dogs and cats but also finds them homes with loving families.Under the auspices of the Indian Navy.PALS also maintain a Dog Camp at Navy Nagar where local Strays are attended to.

Dr. Silloo Bhagwager,’Ferena’,Opp Fariyas Hotel,Colaba,Mumbai 400 005
Tel 022 22832955/9224150191

Office:Plants and Animals Lovers’ Society, C/O 2 Ferena, Opp. Fariyas Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005