Edited by Shilpa Phadke

This issue contains…

1. From the Desk of Hony. President
2. Your Attention Please…
3. Our Rescue Notes & Cruelty Cases
4. Press Corner
5. Mass Tree Plantation & Plastic Waste Collection Drive
6. Conferences / Workshops / Awareness / Visitors
7. Fundraising Event – Rakhi Sale / Old Newspaper Collection
8. Donation in Kind Received
9. Your Chance to Help a Noble Cause


This is the time of the year when most birds start breeding and snakes slide out from their holes. If you come across any little bird that has fallen out of its nest, please contact PAWS helpline number on 9820161114, and we will rescue it. If it is beyond our operational limits, we will provide the nearest contact numbers to you. We have a snake helpline in Thane, Dombivli & Kalyan areas. If you come across any snake, don’t try to touch it or kill it, instead call our helpline number. Both birds & snakes, are important part of our nature’s cycle.

Warm Regards,

Nilesh Bhanage – Founder PAWS


PAWS is always in need of funds as it is fully dependent on local donations from animal lovers, volunteers & valuable supporters like you. Even a small contribution will make a difference to the life of the injured animals. We do not receive any government grants. For Direct Transfer of Donations:

Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd.
Branch : Dombivli, MIDC Branch
A/C. No. : 008801026804
IFSC Code : ICIC0000088

Since PAWS operates in and around Thane and Kalyan areas, we were busy handling different types of calls this month!

# This month the PAWS Team attended a total of 60 stray animal cases (Average 2 cases a day) out of which some animals were given immediate first aid and some were treated locally by the vet. The rest were sent to Bombay SPCA which is 80 kms. away from our area & rest to other welfare centers.

# With the help of the Kalyan Forest Department, PAWS volunteers rescued a total of 18 snakes (Average of 1 snake alternate day) of various species including Cobra, Rat Snake, Russell’s Viper, Sand Boa, Krait, Checkered Keel Back & sand boa. All were released in their appropriate habitats within 24 hours with proper paperwork & due intimation to range forest department Kalyan. All snakes & wildlife were rescued from Thane, Kalyan, New-Bombay, and Dombivli and near by 9 villages. Total 46 wildlife rescue calls were attended by Team PAWS.

# PAWS office was quite busy handling a total of 22 bird cases (Average 7 birds a week) this month, most of the birds were immediately hospitalized after proper isolation & treated with due intimation to forest department.


Long-billed vulture rescued from Kalyan, sent to national park by PAWS:

World Bull Day celebrated to stop slaughter of calves by PAWS:

Another Abandoned Horse rescued By PAWS:;07.09.2009

# This year PAWS launched a new website to publicize it’s projects for people’s participation.

# To continue the Pony campaign, PAWS volunteer Rahul Kewale created a new website. Check it out & send e-mails to help in protest

# PAWS launched another website on cruelty towards begging elephants of Mumbai & Thane district. Please have a look at

# PAWS Group is now on Face Book having more than 2800 members, join us there to help animals!

# More then 900 individuals on Orkut receive updates from PAWS founder Nilesh about it’s activities. Join PAWS on orkut:


# On 25th July, PAWS team attended a Tree plantation & Plastic Waste Collection Drive at Bhavale Forest where PAWS team comprised of volunteers Manasi, Shreya, Jayashree, Anuradha, Sumit, Vishal & Mandar.


# PAWS released a poster on World Bulls Day on 22th July 2010 & circulated it amongst volunteers. This event was covered by DNA Newspaper.

# Mr. Mithilesh Jain, a student of Commerce from Podar College of Commerce & Economics completed a project on PAWS working ethics. Mr Nilesh-Founder of PAWS intracted with Mithilesh.


# PAWS Volunteer Sameer Nevgi & Prasad Phadke collected old newspaper & scrap as well as clothes from Godrej Hills. Almost Rs.4000 was raised through the sale of these items.

# On 30th July, PAWS volunteers Saurabh & Kartick organized an old newspaper collection as well as scrap collection drive in Dombivli west area. They collected 1000 rupees which was used covering the cost of running the ambulance.

Would you like to donate unwanted clothes, scrap, newspapers and contribute our cause? Then call on PAWS Helpline 9820161114.

# This Raksha Bandhan day, spare a thought for blind girls from ‘National Association for Blind’. Buy a Rakhee for Rs.10/- (Each) from Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) and in this manner donate 5 rupees to PAWS and 5 rupees to the blind girls from the organization. To order the beautiful rakhis, call PAWS on 9820161114 or email at

1. Attached is poster of available rakhis.
2. A person should order atleast 5 rakhis.
3. Free Courier in Mumbai & Thane Districts once payment is received in cash or cheque.

Link of Pos
ter on Face Book!/photo.php?pid=4671446&id=542969131

Link of Poster on Orkut


# We thank Ms. Sanam Karunakar for donating 1 foldable cage to PAWS.
We also appreciate her monetary donation.

# We are grateful to Colonel T Sundaram for donating few syringes & needles to PAWS.

(Acknowledgement letters are dispatched to the respective donors for their kind donations. If you would like to donate items, rescue equipments, food, medicines, vaccines to PAWS then contact us on or call our helpline 9820161114)


Your small contribution would make a big difference! With two ambulances, 300 volunteers and three staff members and being in possession of an entire animal rescue gear and medical kit, PAWS works tirelessly under the leadership of Mr. Nilesh Bhanage. Anyone wishing to become a volunteer with PAWS or wanting to donate may call Mr. Nilesh on 9920777536 or send an e-mail at

Donation Cheques/DD’s can be drawn in the name of ‘Plant & Animals Welfare Society’ on below Address:

A-18, Savitri Sadan,
Dr. Mukharji Road, Near Nehru Ground,
Dombivli (East) 421201, Maharashtra, India.

As a registered NGO, PAWS will send you a receipt for all your donations at the earliest. Thanks, Best wishes and Love from all of us.


Plant & Animals Welfare Society – PAWS is

*Member Society of World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), UK

*Affiliated with Indian Chamber of Non-Governmental Organizations (ICNGO), Delhi

*Associated with International Organization for Animal Protection (IOAP).

*Associated with Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) – UK.

*Affiliated with Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS), UK.

*Registered under the Society’s Registration Act XXIX of 1960 with registration No. Maha/587-2001/Thane dated 7th July 2001, Thane.

*Registered with the Charity Commissioner vide certificate dated 11th September 2001, Thane.

*Donations are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961, as per Certificate no. THN/CIT-III/Trust/80G/242/309/2007-08, Thane & valid till March 2011.

*Registered Under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter dated May 01, 2002. Letter No. THN/CIT-III/J&T/184/2002, Thane.

*Recognized by ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’ (AWBI), Ministry of Forests & Environment, GOVT. OF INDIA, Chennai.

*Affiliated with World Animal Net (WAN) Directory, USA.

Following are statastics & results of work carried out under PAWS banner in last 4 months…


# On 12 April 2010 PAWS received a complaint Ms. Satwant Kaur Manku, a resident of Thane, who feeds, medicate & looks after many strays in her locality, her society members keeps harassing the stray animals. PAWS shooted a stern letter to society. PAWS also vaccinated the stray dogs in same area. The matter resolved amicably.

# Ms. Vasanti Borse lives in slum adopted a stray dogs which her neighbours hitted. PAWS paid all the vaccination charges for 7 in 1 & Anti-Rabies to protect the pet.

# Ms. Dipti Khanvilkar – a resident of Vasai informed PAWS that her society decided to throw 5 pups out of their premises when PAWS intervened the matter. PAWS wrote a stern letter to society. PAWS volunteers also visited vasai police station & President Mr. Nilesh personally spoke to the inspector & NC was launched.

# Mr. Varun Khanna, PAWS volunteer from Andheri wrote letter to PAWS that his office estate manager decided to throw out stray dogs out of complex as they run behind vehicles. PAWS wrote a very stern letter to society estate manager. The Problem solved amicably.

# PAWS received complaint from Ms. Tara Kaushal, a resident of Khar who is owner of 3 dogs & 2 cats which she has rescued from streets who is also Editor of BBC Good Homes. Suddenly her Society issued a circular that residents cannot keep more than 1 pet. PAWS sent a legal notice to the Society’s Managing Committee. Society finally allowed her to keep pets after a short meeting.

# 10 Stary dogs poisoned in dombivli MIDC locality wherein animal lovers feed the dogs. PAWS immediately swung into action volunteers parinita & shreya filed FIR in police station, Got other dogs treated from animal husbandry vet, Manasi & Jayashree arranged the ice & send the dead bodies for postmortem to Parel SPCA overnight. Thanks to Smt. Maneka Gandhi who intervened the matter on request & next day postmortem happened properly and report made. 3 dogs were hospitalised & later treated successfully. FIAPO & PAWS also announced the price of Rs.10,000/- to nab the killers while Abhishek designed a poster & paws volunteers put-up in MIDC. More then 10 Newspapers covered this news.

# On 2nd August PAWS received a complaint from Ms. Preeti Paul that her society people wanted to throw the dogs from building that are taking shed during rain. PAWS again send the notice to society the reply is awaited.


# On 13th April Mr. Sagar resident of dombivli West informed that a cat stuck-up on top of the tree, PAWS volunteer Prathemsh Nibandhe immediately rushed to spot, climbed the tree & safely brought cat down.

# On 16th April, PAWS received a call from Parshwa Industrial premises that in nearest well there is one dog fallen in well. PAWS volunteer Avinash Bhagat rushed to spot, jumped into well offered the plank to dog on climb on & with help of Fire Brigade the dog was taken out of well. Hats off for his work.

# On 15th June, one Horse was collapsed in Thane due to heat-stroke. PAWS volunteers Avinash Bhagat & suyog reached spot & gave first aid. Took letter from horse owner that he will not use the horse in afternoon.

# Shri Amit Kashelkar requested PAWS to rehabilitate the 3 big fish in his aquarium to some bigger space as he is much older & tank is smaller for fishes as they are grown. PAWS volunteer Manish rehabilitated all fish in new big environment immediately.

# PAWS Team Joined biggest Horse/Pony Camp in Panchgani organised by Terra Anima Trust & helped more than 125 horses.

# On 22nd July PAWS rescued a abandoned horse from dombivli west & paid money to shelter it in Virar’s farm house.

All above work’s photos were displayed in PAWS’s face book/orkut profile which is our virtual hospital/Shelter.

Team PAWS consists of various young professionals, skilled volunteers & young spirits proves timely that
1. Our works speaks louder then words.
2. Hand that help is more holier than lips that pray.


Above work happened in simultaneously with our regular service of..
2 Animal Ambulance Service
PAWS Rescue Center Murbad Development
Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive for Strays
Vety. Camps for Cattle
Save Pony Campaign
Staff Welfare Initiatives
Ban City Elephant Campaign
Water Pots for Stray Animals
Shelters for Sparrows
4hrs. Snake Rescue Helpline
On-Site First Aid
Daily Bird Rescue Response Cell
Awareness Programs in school & collages
Monthly Fundraising Initiatives
Diwali Anti-Fire Cracker, Eco-friendly Holi, Makar Sankranti, Campaigns
12 Brochure free distribution on laws, rabies, Vegnisism, number that matters, Do’s & Don’ts, Performing Animals & others
Regularly poster-making & Media Communications on Animal issues
Online protest e-mail writings
Supporting Interns & helping Students in their projects related to Animal Welfare
Annual Rally’s
Stray animal sterilizations with help of other NGO’s
Tree Plantation & Plastic Waste Collection
Circus / Zoo Inspections & Report Writing
PAWS Brand merchandise Sale
Adoptions & Rehoming also abandoned Pet rescues
Volunteer/Rescuer/Vet/NGO database updating.
‘Learn 2 Care’ Annual Training Seminar


# From 1st April 2010 till the date Team PAWS organised 10 Vety. camps / drives and vaccinated 341 animals, gave first aid to 22 animals in camps, 217 Stray Animals rescued by PAWS ambulances, 5 Adoptions made, 4 cattle rescued, 18 roadside first aid given.

# From 1st April 2010 till the date Team PAWS rescued 109 Birds, 86 Snakes, 5 Lizards, 2 Monkeys, 2 Turtle, 1 Squirrel & 1 Bat.

# During PAWS Seminar 75 participants given away First-Aid kits & 10 volunteers given the first aid medicines.

We @ PAWS thank our team mates, supporters, donors & critics which made this possible.


Nilesh Bhanage
+91 9920777536