KarnaLa (कर्नाळा)


Difficulty Level
(very easy, easy, medium, slightly tough, tough)
Duration of the trek 1 day
When to visit Anytime except Summer
Nearest City / Location Panvel (पनवेल)
Base Village Panvel (पनवेल)

The trek is quite easy. Good for begineers. Ineteresting with lot of variety. You can observe rocky paths, forest paths and grass ways, streams of water and Karanala Bird sanctuary around. The path passes through dense forests. The Fort pinnacle can be observed at any stage of the trek.

There is only one route with proper markings. So no chance of getting lost.

  1. Reach Panvel ST stand and catch any ST bus going towards Konkan.
  2. Get down at Karnala stop which hardly ½ an hour from Panvel.
  3. You will have to write your names in the register as entrant of Bird sanctuary at the stop. Just behind that desk, there is huge map of the bird sanctuary and fort. Start climbing from there.


  1.  The location of the fort is crucial. You can observe whole panvel (पनवेल) vally at one side of the fort and whole Pen (पेण) region at other side. This 800-900 years-old fort was mainly used as observation post. This fort was historically and geographically important as Panvel stands at the entrance of the konkan region.
  2. On the fort – 1 hour is enough to see the fort completely. You can see remains of the old wada (वाडा) (huge palace like houses) on the fort. Some bastions (बुरूज) and fortification (तटबंदी) is in place. There are caves on the fort full with water but tourists of the sanctuary have spoiled the water by throwing plastic bags and bottles. The entrance of the fort is quite exciting with staircase having valley at both sides. The green valley below covered with dense forest is worth a snap.
  3. Note that the fort does not any shade to stay at night.
  4. Karnala pinnacle – At the center of the fort there is huge and famous Karnala pinnacle quite visible from panvel also. You need to do rock-climbing to reach the top of the pinnacle. There are nests of kites and bee-hives on the pinnacle. You can easily get the close up of those kites form the fort.

Get down at Karnala bus stop. You can rest in the garden in front of it. There are many monkeys in the garden. Buses coming form Konkan will pick you up at the stop to go to Panvel.

From Panvel (पनवेल) ST stand Every 5 minutes bus. Get down at Karnala stop
Time to climb 2 hours from base (Karnala ST stop)
Food Available in Panvel or karnala stop.
Drinkable Water There is a Dhaba at Karnala stop. You can get water there. Water is nowhere else available. Not on the fort also. Better you take ample amount of water from Panvel itself.
Shelter Available in Panvel or Karnala MTDC.