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Safe Climbing Initiative(SCI) is a NGO working for the establishment of safe climbing environment since 2002 and got registered in 2007 at Pune Charitable Commissioner as per Bombay Charitable Trust Act with a registration no. MAH/294/2007/PUNE, Safe Climbing Initiative is the first and only social organization in India which works for climbing safety.
The main objective of SCI is to spread the climbing safety awareness amongst Adventure lovers and Climbers. In Western Ghats the climbing routes have become dangerous due to old bolts (anchors) which are now rusted and may break away at any time resulting in a serious accident. Although many climbers know about this grave situation, the young generation still risks the climb for sheer feel of adventure.

In order to give them a safe environment and to create awareness about climbing safety, Safe Climbing Initiative has taken an initiation to replace the old rusted bolts with the tested steel-chemical bolts which has a breaking strength of more than 3000 KG and life of these bolt are more than 50 years.
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