Songiri Fort or Mirgad (T. Pen), about eight miles south-east of Pen, stands on a spur about 1,000 feet high jutting out to the south from the great hill of Miryadohgar. The top of the spur forms a ridge about half a mile long, but only eighty feet in average breadth. To the south and west of the fort the hill is very steep; the only approach is on the more accessible east by a footpath from the hamlet of Kondvi. Within the fort, which is very ruined, were a few rock-cut cisterns of which no traces are visible to-day. A gun, which is said to have belonged to the fort, is shown in the neigh-bouring hamlet of Divanmaj. Tradition ascribes the building of the fort to Baburav Pasilkar, and the name to the goddess Sonabai in whose honour the fort is said to have been built. [Mr, E. H. Moscardi, C. S.]