The Dirty Wall Project – a one person charitable organization helping the slums of mumbai

The Dirty wall project is a one person charitable organisation started by
Kane Ryan

“I may not change lives, but I can bring some comfort, food or a helping hand to someone who is living in dire poverty.” Kane Ryan

 “I have discovered that one person can make a difference and that is truly exciting. “ Kane Ryan

Some of Kane’s achievements

  • 2400 people given free access to Doctors and free medicine at health camps
  • 176 people blood tested for HIV/Aids
  • 10 sessions of kidney dialysis funded for patients
  • 1000 meals & snacks served (hospitals, health camps, slums)
  • 20 slum children from the Saki Naka pipeline slum given 1 year sponsorships

The “Dirty Wall Project” has no overhead and no salaries to pay. He is a completely self-funded traveller

Check out the Dirty Wall Project blog and be inspired to do your own volunteering or become a donor.

Questions email :-  dirtywallproject @