Touching Lives bringing hope and love in the lives of those less privileged

Touching Lives began in 2003 and aims at bringing peace and harmony to the world through positive action. TL does not believe in protesting against something but focusses its actions towards bringing hope and love in the lives of those less privileged. Touching Lives also messages that each and every person has the possibility towards contributing towards the betterment of the society. The projects undertaken by Touching Lives are designed very carefully and focuses on many aspects – be it education, mentoring, building moral and emotional foundation of the children. They also aim at providing a support system for the under privileged families.

Projects undertaken by Touching Lives

1) Education
Sanskruti Open School – Touching Lives run an education centre in the suburbs of Mumbai which focuses on children from the slums. They run different programs according to the needs of the children.

a) School subject support program
This program works towards strengthening the basics of the School subjects. The subjects are taught in a fun, non-conventional way so that the children develop interest in the subjects.

b) Foundations of the English Language
Keeping in mind the importance of English language, Touching Lives has created modules for teaching the language according to age groups. They are also in a process of developing a complete curriculum for English which will also carry lessons on moral values and vocational learning. No doubt these modules will help not only in education but will also evolve the thoughts and emotions of the young minds.

c) Curriculum and conversation
Touching Lives has undertaken a very interesting activity called C&C. In this activity children are encouraged to speak about themselves or share their experiences and views. These not only help in teaching them to express themselves meaningfully but also help formulate their thoughts. These also help release their emotions and double up as counselling sessions.

d) Vocational education
Touching Lives also conduct activities where the children are taught skills in dancing, music, documentary film making, mehendi etc.

e) Learning through Play Program
This is a non-formal, short-term therapeutic learning program developed for children to learn moral values and implement them. Volunteers are first trained in these modules and then they implement it on the children.

2) Health

Touching Lives conducts the following programs

-Blood donation drives
-Health/relief programs
-Therapy programs
-Drama therapy
-Nothing program
-Psycho-social-spiritual therapy(for mental illness)

Drama therapy is the systematic and intentional use of drama to promote emotional growth. For training contact

Nothing therapy is a standardized therapy based on the concept of existential principles to bring about radical transformation in both the therapist and the client.For training contact

Psycho-social-spiritual therapies is a training program for professionals, students and caretakers associated with mental health care.

Touching Lives is also affiliated with a mental rehab centre in Gujrat, Valsad.

3) Entertainment

Music album
Touching Lives has undertaken a very interesting initiative. TL has brought together talented people who play on the streets, trains etc to form a music album. TL invites professionals in music and volunteers for this purpose.

Video unit
Touching Lives also teaches documentary film making to interested volunteers and children. The unit also takes care of internal educational videos that TL develops. TL is also open to correspondence from others who want to make documentary videos.

Touching Lives has formulated a professional team who is currently working in developing a model plan for micro-finance and enterprises. They are going to launch it soon.

4) Community – Development Program
Touching Lives has a community centre within the slums near railway tracks between Dahisar and Borivili stations in Mumbai. This centre interacts with not only the children but their parents too and intends to develop a complete support system program for the community. They also identify women who wish to increase their income who will then be directed to the microfinance project.

What makes Touching Lives special?

Touching Lives has an extremely focussed team and is special in many ways.

– Before starting Touching Lives, the team had spent time in understanding about the lives and problems of the children living on the streets in Mumbai.

– Touching Lives works at the grassroots, the team has direct access to the group (under privileged children/people) it focuses upon.

– Touching Lives employs many innovative ways like curriculum and conversation, drama therapy, music albums to involve the less privileged.

– True to its name, Touching Lives touches the lives of people in many aspects, be it education or microfinancing, TL views lives in totality.

The work carried out by Touching Lives is inspiring in many ways and we wish Touching Lives the best, may it continue to touch many many lives.

Contact Touching Lives
Founder Dr. Sonia Mackwani, MA Clinical Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Alternative Therapy, Founder-Director of ‘Touching Lives Welfare Trust,’ Trustee of ‘Atmaviswas Vidyalaya,’ a rehab centre for mental illness, Author of Children’s book which was selected for the Frankfurt Book Fair, Researcher in Metaphysics.

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