Eco Treks Goa @ Blissful in Bhironde Sunday, June 12

In keeping with Eco Treks Goa’s moto to spread awareness for the environment and the ecology around us we bring our June event, a trip to a farm in Bhironde. We spend the day moving around the farm learning about medicinal plants, cash crops, kitchen gardens and more from the most knowledgeable Fr. Inacio. Also involved is a chance to plant and harvest hands on! There is a little swim lined up if the weather permits.
Be prepared with your gardening gloves, raincoats, rain sandals, water bottles, swimwear, etc.
Fees are Rs. 300/- inclusive of breakfast, lunch, tea and transport from Panjim and back.
Contact – 
Durgadas Parab 9422445444, 
Amit Soiru 9422442973, 
Lester Pinto 9730816010
Olympio Almeida 9096406113.
And oh yeah… there is a promise of fresh fruit too on the farm….