Tungi Fort [ It was one of the forts captured by Malik Ahmad-Ahmadnagarchi Nizamshahi, Kunte, p. 8.] (Taluka Karjat), in the Karjat village of Khandas, twelve miles east of Neral station, stands on the top of a peculiar conical hill 2,019 feet high. It can be seen from the railway line near Neral, jutting out of the plain below the cliff of Bhimasankar. The Bhimasankar pass runs up the side of Tungi hill for 1,200 or 1,500 ft. The east of the hill consists of large masses of trap rock, and forms the fort which would not deserve the name but for its natural strength. [Mr. W. B. Mulock.C. S.] There is a small redoubt cut in the rock which is known as the Kalavantinlca Mahal.