VLOG 19 | Unexpected WATERFALL!!!! Zenith Waterfall – A Cinematic Experience!

It’s been suuuccchh a loonnggg time that we have posted any vlogs on our channel!!
So few days back I along with few of my friends had visited this place called Kune Waterfalls, but as the place is banned we had to search for other places to visit and found this place out of nowhere which was soooooo good!!

Hope you like this vlog, tried many new things this time!! I’ll see you on tuesday! 🙂

If you’re wondering what this amazing song is!!
Illenium – Reverie (Featuring King Deco)

I’m caught in reverie…
Illenium in Denver! https://bitly.com/illeniumNov10
Get it on BandCamp…http://bit.ly/1OmR3aG
Stream on Spotify…http://spoti.fi/20jX3vM



King Deco


Released by Kasaya & Seeking Blue

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