Volunteer Management

Based on the knowledge shared by  Shalabh Sahai of ivolunteer

 Elements of Volunteer Policy
volunteer policy is the foundation on which your organisation’s involvement of volunteers should be based.

1) Volunteer Expectations
2) NGO Expectations
3) Support to the Volunteer

 Dis-advantages of volunteers

  •  Time and financial Burden space/time/energy
  • Wrong Volunteers for the task  skill
  •  Shorter Period /Early Departure
  •  Accountability (Weak Rules of Engagement)

Advantages of volunteers

  • Fresh Perspectives
  • Low cost 
  • Feedback on Org Service
  • Potential Future Employees
  • Ambassadors of the NGO/Spreads the word
  • Driven /Dedicated

 Motivations of a Volunteer

  • Inner Call  giving back/change/healing/travel/
  • Enhancing the CV
  • Social Responsibility
  • Learn & Apply
  • Religion

Volunteer Orientation

  • History of the Org
  • Mission – Values
  • Organisational Structure
  • Volunteer Policies 
  • Voice of the Volunteer