Hills and Highways

a) Group name: Hills and Highways
b) Facebook page : Hills And Highways (Travel/Leisure)
c) Your group must have a site(optional) (www.hillsandhighways.com)
d) You need to send you details of your groups
e) Details of your group: We are group of 2
f) Date group started: 11.10.2015
g) Number of treks done till now: Individually we have done many treks but after making Hills and Highways group till date we have done 17 Events.
Vishal Budhvalekar  – 100+ trecks done.
h) Link to Facebook event with full details .https://www.facebook.com/hillsandhighways/

I) Details about trek leaders: 1) Name and Contact Details: Mr. Vishal Budhvalekar-9930849930
Mrs. Vishesha Adappa-9821160330

j) Name of trek leaders: Vishal Budhavalekar, Vishesha Adappa

k) Qualifications of trek leaders(We have done many treks even we have experience in Himalaya trek as well.

Vishal Budhvalekar – Diploma in Sanitary Inspector (SI)

Names of founders: (Same as Above)

Should you need any further details please feel free to call on the numbers mentioned below.



Hills and Highways,
Vishal & Vishesha



Hills and Highways,
Vishal : 9930849930; Vishesha: 9821160330