Jivdhan Trek… CAUTION!! DON'T TRY THIS IN RAIN | Trekking in Sahyadris | Part 10

In Maharashtra the coastal plains and eastern plateau are connected by ghats. There are numerous such ghats exist in Sahyadri, and they have played an important role as trade routes. And there has been forts guarding each of them. One such trade route is Naneghat. It was one of the most important trade route, as it connected harbour of Sopara and Kalyan directly to Junnar and Paithan. Jivdhan was the guard fort of the ancient trade route of Naneghat.

History :
      The whole range of these forts originated during the rule of Satvaahan era. The entrances carved out from a single stone. The fort stands at an important position, it guard of Naneghat. It was under Bahmani control and after that it went to Nizamshah. In 1636, Nizamshahi declined. In 1818, the British captured all the forts here and destroyed them. Jivdhan too became a victim and the main entrance was destroyed. The rock cut stair blasted by cannon or dynamite are remaining evidence of britishers effort to destroy the fort.


Kothi (Storehouse) :
      This storehouse is huge and is carved out of rocks, its has still remained so intact. The height is about 4 meters. The pillars are carved out in rock and they are decorated by carving arts. It is very huge and some of its openings have been closed. Much of its part still may be unexplored.
Water Cisterns :
      There are a few cisterns, but those on the western side of the topmost hillock consist of potable water.

Vandarlingi :
      This is about 415 feet high. From its base it looks very awesome. Rock-climbers rate it as difficult to climb. It takes about 2 days to climb it.

Idol of Goddess Jivai :
It is a well preserved idol. It has four hands with weapons, which include a dagger and a circular weapon. By its one hand the goddess holds the tongue of the animal on which it is standing. The goddess being fearsome represents the ancient and medieval ancestors who were continuously fighting for their freedom.

How To Reach :
1) From Naneghat (Main entrance) :
      The approach is through the forests and a guide is much helpful. After we climb through dense forests and walk for about a 1hr we reach the steps. These are broken due to the devastation by the British. The entrance being ruined, a small gap exists through which we reach the top of the fort. Here the bastions and ramparts are very intact in spite of such devastation. We reach the western side of the fort.

2)From Ghatghar: :
      From Ghatghar village, one way goes to Naneghat and the other goes to the fort. Its much better till one reaches the steps. Some of the steps have been destroyed and it has become slippery. From here we can reach the eastern part of the fort in 2 hours.

Stay :
One can stay on the fort in the Kothi,
Trekkers also stay in the cave of Naneghat or the base village.

Food :
      Trekkers should get there foodstuffs.

Drinking Water :
      The two cisterns on the western side of the hump are more reliable.

Time To Reach :
2 hrs

Things to carry :

The SAHYADRI Mountain ranges of India, forms the backbone of the rich cultural and natural heritage of Maharashtra. They cradle more than 500 forts, which stand as befitting ‘monuments’ to the pride, Courage and chivalry of the native people of India, since ancient times, who relentlessly strove against Invading enemies to preserve their freedom and to keep alive their faith and their culture….

We strive to bring you to witness these ranges, monuments of

Patriotism, courage and pride…

Let’s not push our history into pictures and books, protect them and make it stand still for generations to come.

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