Van Suraksha Evam Prabandh Samiti – Udaipur, Rajasthan

Van Suraksha Evam Prabandh Samiti,
Gram Karel,
Teh. Jadol,
Udaipur, Rajasthan-313 702
Tel no. 0294-2414726

The members of the Self-help Group Van Suraksha evam Prabandh Samiti, Village – Atatiya, Range – Ogna, District – Udaipur
(Rajasthan) after successful training at PHT centre, established the Gwarpatha Prasanskaran Kendra (Aloe vera processing unit) in Ogna
village. They were trained to use the motorised small scale gel extraction machine, and in processes for value added products such as Aloe
vera juice, squash and RTS beverage with/without blend of lemon, ginger and mint extracts, at the PHT centre, Udaipur. Between December 2008 and February 2009, the unit produced about 500 litres of Aloe vera juice. Processed and bottled Aloe juice was launched for sale to general public and tourists as a health drink. At present the processing unit is running successfully. Effective aloe juice recovery is about 30% as the plantation is under rainfed condition on Aravali hills. Total cost of production of Aloe vera juice is Rs 40 per litre with sale price as Rs 100 per litre, with a net profit of Rs 60
per litre. The low sale price has been fixed after considering the prevailing market price of Rs 200 to 550 per litre juice. Local tribals and members of Van Suraksha evam Prabandh Samiti are earning profit by sale of Aloe vera juice.