List of Trekking Spots Banned or Closed July 2019

  1. Mahuli Closed for trekking 07.07.2019

  2. Andharban banned from 15th July 2019

  3. Karnala Bird Sanctuary closed till 15th July 2019

  4. Karoli Ghat crossing flooded 06.07.2019

  5. Sudhagad 

  6. Devkund  waterfall closed 10th july 2019 

  7. Harihar Closed 01.07.2019

  8. Malshej Ghat Closed :- Old Malshej Ghat trail (mini landslides observed) precautions advised — via hemant marathe 07.07.2019

  9. adoshi waterfall/zenith waterfall  khopoli closed closed july 2019

  10. Palghar dams, ponds, waterfalls are prohibited until September 6.


  1. Avoid Aadrai,  huge landslides wipes out trail. — via hemant marathe 07.07.2019

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Trekking can prove to be dangerous if you make mistakes. Here are tips to keep in mind…


  • Devkund waterfall,

  • Andharban trek,

  • Kalavantin Durg,

  • Mahuli (Asangaon),

  • Chinchoti waterfall (Vasai),

  • Pandavkada (Kharghar),

  • Zenith waterfall (Khopoli),

  • Kataldhar waterfall (Lonavla)

  • and Rajmachi (Lonavala side), are said to be banned by authorities for trekking.



  • Devkund waterfalls near Bhira village in Raigad

  • Chinchoti waterfalls in Vasai, Pandavkada in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

  • Zenith waterfall at Khopoli

  • Kundeshwar at Badlapur

  • Kalavantin Fort in Panvel

  • Kataldhar waterfall in Lonavala

  • Mahuli stream at Asangaon

  • Harishchandra Nalichi Vaat, Murbad (Thank you miron Joseph for the correction)

Harishchandra gad fall under 3 district. Khireswar route comes under Pune,

Pachnai under Ahmednagar (Akola taluka) Nalichi Vaat under Thane (Murbad Taluka)

  • Andharban in Mulshi

  • Plus valley in Raigad

  • Dudhsagar in Goa

  • Baraki waterfall in Kolhapur

  • Rautwadi waterfall in Kolhapur

  • Gadeshwar Dam in Panvel

  • Thoseghar waterfall in Satara

Source: Compiled and circulated by the several trekkers groups based on fatalities in these areas from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune)