For Groups leaders who have separated from other groups listed on mumbaihikers on hostile/unfriendly terms

1) We at mumbaihikers are only interested in trek leader experience,safety of trekkers,communication with us ,treating their trekkers like family.We do not consider trekkers trek leaders if they cannot sort out issues with their ex colleagues.Please take your complaints to Mr Nandu Chavan MSA

2) No group listed on mumbaihikers has any say on listing other groups or future groups. Mumbaihikers management makes the final decisions not anyone else.

3) We require group leaders to sort out their differences with their old group before they approach us .We are trekkers first and friends first. So we do not want group leaders who cannot sort out small issues with their ex groups/friends via phone or face to face meeting.This could cause a safety issues in the mountains where we depend on each other irrespective of group for help.

4) If your issue with your old groups is not sort-able then you can approach Mr Nandu Chavan MSA

5) We need a mail or whatsapp message from your old group leader or nandu chavan to proceed with the registration process.

6) We would like only trek leader who have the true sahyadri trekking spirit. i.e there are not groups in the mountains only trekkers and everyone helps everyone.There is no negative feeling in the mountains like in the city. So please work toward this before approaching us.

Any discussion on mumbaihikers procedures without approaching mumbaihikers management first will be considered an act of defamation .

Please note Mr Nandu Chavan is a 3rd party facilitator and  President, Maharashtra Outdoor Professionals Association (MOPA).He is not part of mumbaihikers. but helps groups who have trekking related complaints not handled by mumbaihikers .