Mumbai Hikers Proposal

Table of Contents

  1. Proposals and Projects

  1. registration booths at all base villages.

Proposals and Projects

There are many issues in the trekking/tour field .Before we suggest we need to prioritize according to short term goals and long term goals.

We do this by asking certain questions

Q1. Do these help solve out immediate issues ?  

  • immediate -> effects our next trek,tours in the next month

  • short term suggestions -> we work on as a group to fix in the next few months

  • long term -> we work to fix by the next year and longer

Start information and registration booths at all base villages.

Long term proposals

Start information and registration booths at all base villages.

A] Benefits of Registration booths as base villages

  • Information on the destination(food options,stay options around the base village) and maps for sale by locals. Printed material in english ,hind,marathi

  • Group count

Booths will help register groups going to fort destination.With online google forms in advance or on site via mobile google forms(just suggestion there may be better options) .

B] Benefits of Group Registration at Base village

1) Help accurately count total number of traffic to each destination.Help Plan better facilities after studying the flow and numbers to each fort.

2) Rescue teams will be able to monitor groups easily as they will get contact no and time of departure of each group online

3) Register new trek groups and leaders and get them into the trek leaders community.

Formalization of the guide system

1) Info booth will register all the guide and cost and assign guides .payment can be done in cash to the guide or online (needs locals to open bank accounts ).guide can be assigned in advance with advance payment online .

2) local initiative to use funds to train the guide with workshops