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[ paid membership is closed till further notice 20.05.2019 ] [REASON]

 Paid Membership on


  •  [updated 20.05.2019]


I]  Criteria /Eligibility 

(do not contact us if you do not fulfill this condition)

  • [your applications will not get a reply if they do not meet our criteria or are a good fit with our organisation.A [no reply] to your email means we are unable to take your application at this time.We will follow your team and will reply to your application email,when the mumbaihikers team finds your group eligible for our membership]
  • Your membership stands cancelled if no payment is made in 2 working days ,after finishing steps in parts 1-4 in part III listed below. Payment made after cancellation is NON REFUNDABLE . So DO NOT make any late payments .


 The group needs to have

  1. Have a group with a formal group name . (new groups applying)

  2. Have completed more than 10 local treks on their Facebook page(new groups applying)

  3.  Photos for each/most of the treks done on their Facebook page .(new groups applying – even if you were part of other groups and are starting your own group )

  4. (trek leader back ground check )+  two references from our list of existing groups (2 References)(new groups applying)

  5. We accept applications from pure trours groups and out of maharashtra trek and tour group .We only give posting acess on to pure tour groups as long as they follow the posting rules . We only offer addition free spreadsheet service to maharashtra trekking groups . Any arugments will mean an immidiate rejection of your groups application.

  6. For groups leaders starting groups from existing groups.   (new groups applying with trek leaders from exiting groups)

  7. We require an undertaking from certain groups who have had arguments/disputes with us or other groups (existing groups applying for membership or renewal)

  8. Groups who have been rejected or have fought with us do not apply .

  9. Past interactions with mumbaihikers team (good friends/arguments/negotating over money/business only with out the trekker spirit) will play a big role in the final decision of mumbaihikers team.

II]    Cost

Cost is training cost for the whole year.

a)  1000 rupees per year for site membership

. (Renewal cost is the same ) .

  • This amount is non refundable .

  • We offer Free membership  for certain NGO trekking groups with govt charity certification known to mumbaihikers



III]     Steps for membership

1]  Create a gmail account in your group name (if you do not already have a group gmail account).

2] send us an email to ,

Subject :- paid access details

Send us the following details in the mail (a-k)

You need to send you details of your groups

a) Your group name :-

b) Your group Facebook page  :-

c) Link to Facebook event which has full details :-

d) Your group website(optional) :-

e) Date group started (optional) :-

f) Number of treks done till now :-

g) Name of trek leaders (with links to treks leaders profiles on facebook )

i) Qualifications of trek leaders (number of treks done till now,any trekking qualification NIM,HMI etc)

j)Names of founders (if different from trek leaders) :-

k)Address of main group office (optional for very small groups)

3] we will reply to this email (if we are satisfied) with the terms and conditions (which are also listed below here)

Reply to the email containing terms and conditions, agreeing to the terms and conditions

4] We will reply with payment details

Make payment online via NEFT only please and send us the screen shot after the transfer to the email

5] Register on

6] Read rules and follow the posting format strictly