Sharing and Collaboration

मराठीमध्ये वाचा


What should be shared freely

  • Local transport contacts database sheet

    Food contacts database sheet

    Bus Operator Database (proposal by sid save – save tours) sheet

    Rescue team contacts (proposal by mahesh kumar – ramblers) sheet

    Doctors around base villages available on weekends (Proposal by vinay – adventure geek) sheet

Q: why should you share the above freely?

You are not going to visit the same location every week. Also you help the  guide getting more customers .By getting more customers they will improve their service .So in the end all trekking groups get better service and not less.

  1. getting a mobile phone for better communication

  2. getting more good locals as guides

  3. get training

  4. Become more professional to customers

  5. Start more services like his own restaurant,own transport service ,own camping service.

  6. Also get their family members into the profession.

  7. Help in rescue coordination.

Q: If you do not share what happens?

  1. guide remains as poor as ever .

  2. with less money less communication and same substandard service

  3. as he cannot improve his life he will not be motivated to stay in the trekking outdoor field


This helps trek leaders know which other trek leader has similar events and will be a point of support at that location.

This will also help rescue group co-ordination.